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Office Setup, Download, Installation, Repair, Support and Help

Get Started with Microsoft Office Setup on your PC/Mac, Verify your Product key and Get Started with the Office Setup Download to Install Office.

Download Office.

Install On your PC/Mac



Get Started with Microsoft Office Setup and Installation, in simple Steps.

  1. Check Your Office Packaging or Email Receipt for Office Product Key.
  2. Open Your favorite Internet Browser(Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Other) and Go to
  3. Sign In to your Microsoft Account with your exsisting Microsoft Account (Outlook or any other registered Microsoft Services). If you don’t Have a Microsoft Account, You will need to create one.
  4. Enter your Product Key.
  5. After you are Done with that page, You will reach a page which says Install. Click the Install Button.
  6. Your Office File will be Downloaded. Once the file is Downloaded Run the file.
  7. Run through the Installation Window Process and we are good to go.

Note: Process may be a bit different in Mac. For more information check our Post.

Whats New

in Office 2019

If you are waiting for the New Microsoft Office 2019, It is going to be the best thing for you. The New Microsoft Office will not come in a bulky MSI download file, It will be a click to run File, which means you can use it with the lastest version everytime you open your Microsoft Office.

With all new features like Ink for Word, Morph for Powerpoint and Cool new charts you can create the best of documents and Presentations.

Microsoft Office 2019 will be avalaible later this year. You can participate in preview program via Official Microsoft Link Here +

Setup Office 2016/365. on your PC/Mac in easy steps..



If you have already downloaded the setup file or you were running trail for Office and now you need to activate the Product. You can always click on the Microsoft Logo and it will run you through a guided Activation wizard where you can Activate your Product and Redeem your product key.

Go to or and log in to your Microsoft Account and put in your product key to Activate, Download and Run Office Setup File. Or you can simply buy a CD Package from a retailer and Run Setup


Office Setup


Apps and

With Microsoft Office 2016/365, you have the endless opportunity to make it to the top of your niche. Microsoft Office has the best set of Applications used around the globe. Microsoft Office helps you create the best presentations with one of the best presentation tool, Office PowerPoint.

No limitations to your work on the work done your project, Create beautiful School projects or Office documents on Microsoft Office Word or Manage your daily accounts with the finest tabular data on Microsoft Excel. Even managing a Database is not a big deal for Microsoft Office, you can do it with the Microsoft Access

Need one good looking easy to use email Application, We have outlook for that, Great user interface to minimize the hassel of bulky email applications.

+ More...