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The header is an area of the record that shows up in the best edge, while the footer is a segment of the report that shows up in the base edge. Headers and footers by and large contain extra data, for example, page numbers, dates, a writer’s name, and references, which can help keep longer archives sorted out and make them simpler to peruse. Content entered in the header or footer will show up on each page of the archive.

                                      To make a header or footer:

In our illustration, we need to show the creator’s name at the highest point of each page, so we’ll put it in the header.

1.  Double tap anyplace on the best or base edge of your report. In our illustration, we’ll double tap the best edge.Double-clicking on the header

2. The header or footer will open, and a Design tab will show up on the correct side of the Ribbon. The addition point will show up in the header or footer.

The open header

3. Sort the coveted data into the header or footer. In our case, we’ll compose the creator’s name and the date.

Typing text into a header

4. When you’re done, click Close Header and Footer. On the other hand, you can press the Esc key.

Clicking Close Header and Footer

5. The header or footer content will show up.

The finished header

                                           To embed a preset header or footer:

Word has an assortment of preset headers and footers you can use to upgrade your record’s plan and design. In our case, we’ll add a preset header to our report.

1.  Select the Insert tab, at that point tap the Header or Footer summon. In our case, we’ll tap the Header summon.

Clicking the Header command

2. In the menu that shows up, select the coveted preset header or footer.

Selecting a preset header

3. The header or footer will show up. Numerous preset headers and footers contain content placeholders called Content Control fields. These fields are useful for including data like the record title, creator’s name, date, and page number.

Content Control fields

4. To alter a Content Control field, click it and sort the coveted data.

Editing a Content Control field

5. When you’re done, click Close Header and Footer. On the other hand, you can press the Esc key.

Closing the Header and Footer

6. In the event that you need to erase a Content Control field, right-click it and select Remove Content Control from the menu that shows up.

Removing a Content Control field

 Altering headers and footers

After you close the header or footer, it will in any case be obvious, however it will be bolted. Basically double tap a header or footer to open it, which will enable you to alter it.

Opening a header

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