Select Page - You might have heard about Softwares and Tools to keep you inventory up to date, But have you ever realised that one powerfull App from the Office Suite can do just right for you.

Here we are with "How" to create a simple Database that you can use to update and Save your Inventory without any hasel. - Get Started with Access

So all you need is Microsoft Office (Any version) on your Computer - You can download Microsoft Office by Creating a new account on and Get Started with Quick Office Download.

Once you are done downloading Microsoft Office on your Computer, We are good to go. Now Follow the steps.

  • Launch Microsoft Access.
  • Click on New file.
  • Now you can simply select a blank Database (Not for beginners like us) and Select from Template (For US.). Click on Select From Template.
  • You will get alot of templates that you can download from online. You can also search Inventory Management Database on google and download a template from thousands of free templates on Internet.
  • Once you have chosen the Correct Template, You can simply open the one you like.
  • The template needs no changes as of Now. And you can use it to put your inventory.
  • All you need is to change the Database values with your products and prices and Stock Units. You can also customise any of the template you have downloaded with your personal images to make it look good and better. You can re-organize everything you have on your website, Once it is done, You are good to go.

    Remember, Microsoft Office Access can be used for many other functionality as it is based on DATABASE Management, We can create Multiple Apps based on Microsoft Access and Many developers use it product plenty of Productive tools.

    You can Also hire a freelancer or a person to work on your inventory to make it more professional, so to make sure that nothing goes wrong with the presentation.

    Download the latest version of Microsoft Office from and Get started with your first DIY inventory Project.