Select Page - While you are writing a review or a note about something or you are writing your work document in Microsoft Word, and you need to put a reference anchor or simple quote a book or a document.

Microsoft has made it easy in their Office Suite App, Microsoft Word to put a citations and references.

To get started with Citations, You have to open the Microsoft Office Word. Once the Word is launched and you have opened your file on which you need to put the citation on, you need to follow the steps.

Step 1: Once the file is open. Click anywhere you want to put a citation.

Step 2: On the top menu bar, there will be a tab, Reading “References”. Click on the tab. - Referrences

Step 3: A menu with multiple references will open. You will see a “Document Icon” with a Green Plus and red box on it. With a caption saying Insert Citation. Click. - Citations

Step 4: On clicking the Insert Citation Button you will get a pop up dialogue box. - Citation Dialogue

Step 5: Now you need to fill in the details lets for now refer to a Book. Following is a sample Citation where we have cited “The Fault In Our Stars”

Once you have made a citation, you can put it anywhere you want to in your document by simple marking where you want to put it and then click on the “References” tab and go to a blue books icon, on the right of the Insert Citation Icon. Once you click on the Citations - Citations Button A pane on the right side will open with all the citations you have created. You can simply double click on the citation you want to put in your document.