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Microsoft Office Word is one of the best word processing software available in market today. Microsoft Word has the most and the best features that makes it one of a kind. As we all know it comes in an Office Suite, So it comes with alot of integrated features from other Office Apps. - Office Com Setup

Features like Auto Sum, Graph creation, Advanced Spell Check and all the beautiful Formatting Options make it one of the best softwares for word processing present on the market today.

You can write an essay or make a beautiful Resume from it. You can do it all in Microsoft Word. It is one of the best and the most loved text documenting and writting software.

Microsoft Word has alot of features that we can talk about but some of the best features that makes it a professional one are:

  • Document Watermarking: Microsoft Word gives you a chance to watermark your document unlike anything else. You can put your personal watermark on your document and it will be looking as professional as it can
  • Header and The Footer: You can make a company letter pad from it, you can simply add a header and a footer and make your personalised company note. Saves you alot of money for designing.
  • Mail Merge: Let mail merge handle all the bulk emailing and invitational work for you. It is as easy as get, set and go.
  • Spell Check: If you are not a spell Bee and really don't know the spellings of words like "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis", well its normal even we don't know it. So Word is here to help you with that.
  • Images: You can insert images, wrap it around the text and work with the images to make your document look better.
  • Templates: As a matter of Fact. Every Office App comes with indepence to choose from premade templates, thousands in numbers for your work, you then just need to change the text.
  • These features don't just make word the best of its kind software but there are plenty other supporting features that make it a jewel in the industry.